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Marin Furniture Clinic

A tour through our portfolio of Previous Projects

We will provide an overview of the countless objects restored by Marin Furniture Clinic during the past 35 years from those of ancient cultures to the factories and ateliers of noted makers.


Marin Furniture Clinic serves the needs of individuals, couples, families, businesses, and other organizations in need of top-notch antique furniture and fine art restoration services


We provide on-site work (your home), or gladly take work to our studio. Pick up and delivery service is available.
Furniture Repairs

Got a broken table leg or ruined a fine furniture? Marin Furniture Clinic can fix it! Good quality furniture is made to last and by repairing, and refinishing it can have a good long life and be saved from an already overcrowded land fill.

Furniture Refinishing

Our skilled craftsmen meticulously remove the telltale signs of age and use, virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents...

Breuer Chairs Recaning

Our craftsmen can replace the cane on you Breuer chair seat or back and color match it to your existing set. Alternatively you can order a brand new replacement set which consists of a new seat and back both ready to fit straight onto your existing chrome frame


The delicate appearance of a woven seat belies its durability, but eventually the cane becomes worn and breaks, and the seat must be replaced. . .


Our Furniture Repair and Refinishing Service include table, couches, chairs, dressers, antiques and more. We specialize in restoring and refinishing antiques so if you have special sentimental attachment to a certain piece of furniture and it needs a face lift call us! .